How to Tell What GoPro I Have

You can determine which GoPro you have by finding its serial number and matching it with the correct camera model in the chart further below in this guide. There are three quick and essay ways to find your GoPro’s serial number that I will explain today.

Hi, my name is Larry. I’m a passionate techie and video maker that got my first GoPro HERO4 in 2014 and am now using the GoPro Hero10. Through my own troubleshooting and research journey, I understand all the technical details about GoPro cameras. 

In this guide, I will explain the easiest way to find out which GoPro you have. Afterward, I’ll answer a few common questions about GoPro cameras that might be on your mind.

Let’s dive right in!

Method 1: Identify GoPro Camera Body to Find Out

Finding your GoPro model might be easier than you think. In fact, GoPro cameras often have the model number written on the camera’s body. Take a look at the example below.

Scan around the body of your camera and look for any identifiers that show what GoPro model you have.

If you can’t find the model number on the camera’s body, it likely got worn away over time. In this case, you’ll need to find your camera’s serial number which I’ll show you below.

Method 2: Check GoPro Serial Number to Match

Determining which GoPro model you have can help you choose which accessories, batteries, and SD cards to purchase. Since there are so many attachments you can add to your GoPro, finding the exact model is critical. 

As such, this method involves finding your GoPro camera’s serial number and matching it with the correct camera model in the chart below.

Step 1: Turn your GoPro camera on.

Step 2: Swipe down on the touchscreen to enter the menu. GoPro introduced a touchscreen with the GoPro HERO4. If your camera doesn’t have a touchscreen, find the Menu options.

Step 3: Click on Preferences. Then scroll down and click on About. Lastly, click on Camera Info.

Step 4: Your Serial Number will be displayed.

If you still can’t find your serial number, open the camera’s battery compartment and take out the battery. The serial number will be shown on a sticker inside the battery compartment.

Check Your GoPro’s Serial Number 

Once you have your GoPro’s serial number, match the first few characters to the correct camera model with the chart below.

Each GoPro camera model starts with a specific series of letters and numbers.

Camera ModelSerial NumberRelease Date (US)
HERO10 BlackC346…9/16/2021
HERO9 BlackC344139/17/2020
HERO8 BlackC333…9/24/19
HERO7 BlackC328…9/27/18
HERO7 SilverC330…9/27/18
HERO7 WhiteC331…9/27/18 
HERO (2018)C33…3/29/18
HERO6 BlackC322…9/28/17
FusionC320… 11/2017 
HERO5 BlackC316… 10/02/16
HERO5 SessionC321…10/02/16
HERO4 BlackC312…10/2014
HERO4 SilverC313… 10/2014
HERO Session/HERO4 SessionC314… 4/2016
HERO+ LCDC315…06/2015
HERO (2014)C311…10/2014 
HERO3+ BlackH3B+B…10/2013
HERO3+ SilverH3S+A…10/2013
HERO3 BlackHD3BB…10/2012 
HERO3 SilverHD3SB…10/2012 
HERO3 WhiteHD3WA…10/2012
HD HERO2H214A…10/2011 
HD HERO 960HD2…8/2010 
HD HERO OriginalHD1…1/2010
HERO Standard Definition – 5MPG1… 12/2008

Still Can’t Find Your GoPro Serial Number?

There is one last method you can use if you still can’t find your GoPro serial number. Your GoPro tags every photo and video with the serial number.

So open a video or photo taken by your GoPro and click on Properties. You will see your camera’s full serial number. 

If you still can’t find your serial number, you may have a fake or knockoff GoPro. I assume you purchased the GoPro from a secondhand source if this is the case. I recommend contacting the seller and explaining how the GoPro doesn’t have a serial number and is likely fake.  

However, through my 8 years of experience chatting on GoPro-related forums, I rarely see any discussions about fake or counterfeit GoPros. If the GoPro can pair with your phone using the GoPro app, it’s legitimate. 


Let’s discuss a few common questions my friends always ask me about GoPro cameras.

How to check if GoPro is original?

The best way to check if a GoPro is original is to go through GoPro or an authorized dealer. Even if your GoPro camera has a serial number, it could just be a copy from a valid GoPro of the same model. If you’re buying a secondhand GoPro, I recommend asking for proof of purchase.

How many generations of GoPro are there?

There are 27 different GoPro models, and 10 generations of GoPro cameras total. The first generation was ‘Digital’ and included the Digital HERO, Digital HERO3, Digital HERO5, and Wide HERO. The GoPro HERO10 Black is part of the newest 10th generation models.

How old is the first GoPro camera?

The first GoPro was the 35mm HERO, introduced in September 2004 at San Diego’s Action Sports Retailer trade show. GoPro sold $150,000 worth of products in its first year.

What are the different GoPro models?

Since there are 27 different GoPro cameras, distinguishing one from another can be confusing. Let’s see what the latest model, the GoPro Hero 10, looks like compared to an older model in the GoPro HERO8 Black.

The key difference between these two cameras is the color of the logo and where the battery compartment is located.

Closing Thoughts

I hope you found what GoPro model you have without any issues. Finding the exact model is a cakewalk once you find your camera’s serial number.  

Now I’d like to hear your story:

What kind of videos do you make with your GoPro camera? Do you play any action sports?

Either way, let me know by dropping a quick comment down below. I’m also happy to answer any further questions you have about GoPro cameras.

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  • Stephen Muir

    I have been trying to identify which of my GoPro cameras was used to record which file, so I’ve been trying to use the methof outlined in your section “Still Can’t Find Your GoPro Serial Number?”

    I have to say, I can’t find the serial number in the properties of ANY of the files I have looked at. According to you, this means that EVERY GoPro I have purchased is a fake, yet each one has been purchased from a proper retail outlet.

    ON a JPG file produced by a HD Hero, I did see Camera Model YHDC5170 recorded in the properties, and this has enabled me to identify it as having come from the HD Hero. But I can’t see the camera’s serial number listed anywhere in the properties.

    How exactly do you find the serial number in the file?

    • Larry Li

      Hi Stephen! Thanks for your reply.

      Since you bought each GoPro at a proper retail outlet, they likely aren’t fake. Furthermore, if you can pair them with the GoPro Quik app, they are definitely real.

      The best way to help identify which GoPro recorded which file is to take a look at this guide:

      Different GoPros use different naming conventions for their files, so this will help you determine which file was recorded by which GoPro. However, my recommendation is to create separate folders for all your GoPro cameras when you import them onto your computer.