Is Snaptain a Good Drone Brand?

Yes, the Snaptain company makes some good drones for beginning drone enthusiasts. The drones are compact and easy to travel with. The overall quality is good and the drones are technically sound.

Hello, fellow drone enthusiasts! My name is Lavelle and I am a long-time drone pilot and enthusiast. I have flown many types of drones over the past decade and have found advantages and disadvantages to every drone I’ve tried. 

In this article, I will provide an overview of the Snaptain brand, and discuss some of the qualities associated with their drones.

Key Takeaways

  • Snaptain is a good brand for beginners and has surprisingly high reviews from drone pilots.
  • The drones are affordable and can be a great choice as the first drone for kids.
  • But you need to remember, that these drones are not of professional quality and only work for recreational use.

About Snaptain

The Snaptain brand is owned by a Chinese company called ShenZhen Vantop Technology & Innovation Company, Ltd. According to their website, the company developed drones that range from HD camera FPV drones to Kids/Beginners drones. 

After doing some research about Snaptain drones, I’ve found that in most cases the brand has good reviews. Most users rave about the quality of the drone and the ease of use for beginners just learning to fly. The main concern with the drone is the lack of gimbal stabilization

For new drone enthusiasts or for those who want to learn to follow using an economical drone, Snaptain offers some great options. The cameras are good quality and the video capability is good. While you will not get professional quality, you will have clear photos and videos from a close range. 

The drones are lightweight and Snaptain offers both foldable and full-size drone options. Surprisingly enough, full-size drones are reviewed very well.

Snaptain Pros and Cons

In my opinion, some of the advantages of having a Snaptain brand drone include them being budget-friendly, decent flying time of approximately 25 mins on most models, and the drones seeming to be well built. 

The drones also have HD quality cameras and offer some good intelligent features such as the Follow Me command and the Orbit Mode. Last but not least, people love these drones and find them a great option for beginners.

There are a few disadvantages to the Snaptain brand drones. The most glaring deficit is the lack of gimbal stabilization. This is a feature that is necessary if you want to get clear, vivid photographs or videos. 

Another con is that these drones won’t give you a perfect image, so they can’t be used for professional purposes.

Top 5 Snaptain Drones

Here is a table listing the top 5 Snaptain Drones.

ModelDescriptionLevelEstimated Retail Price
Snaptain SP510 2.7K Foldable Drone2.7K Photo and videoIntermediate User$199
Snaptain SP700 Quadcopter Drone2K Photo and video; 1680 feet rangeIntermediate User$169
Snaptain A10 720p Quadcopter720p Photo and VideoBeginner User$49
Snaptain SP350 Throw ‘n Go Mini Quadcopter (Yellow)Automatic flight capability; mini Beginner User$39
Snaptain SP300 Hand-Operated Mini QuadcopterMini Remote for Traditional PilotingG-Sensor Watch for Gesture ControlBeginner User$39


Here are some answers to a few frequently asked questions about Snaptain drones.

How Long Does a Snaptain Drone Last?

The working time depends on the model, but on average, Snaptain drones will fly for a range between 8 minutes and up to 26 minutes.

How Far Can a Snaptain Drone Fly?

Captain drone models can fly up to 80 meters from the controller.

Final Thoughts

The Snaptain brand of drones is a good choice for beginners who want an affordable, entry-level drone. The brand offers good quality drones with some good features. While this is not a professional drone, it is a good option to consider when getting started.

Have you ever experienced flying a Snaptain drone? Or maybe you own one? I’m curious to hear your thoughts about this brand. Post a comment about your experience below.

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