What Camera Does Jenna Marbles Use?

Jenna Marbles uses two cameras, the Canon EOS 80D DSLR and the more compact point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II.

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In this article, I’ll look at the cameras and other equipment used by YouTuber Jenna Marbles. 

If you’re interested in the setup behind her videos and recommendations on what kind of users this gear is best for, keep reading for the full breakdown.

What Camera Does Jenna Marbles Use?

The full-size camera Jenna Marbles uses is the Canon EOS 80D, one of Canon’s midrange models. 

The 80D isn’t going to blow anyone away with its specs, but it’s a good enough starting camera for content creators and can deliver clear enough photos and footage. 

The camera has a 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, and its 45 cross-type autofocus points are an upgrade over the 19 from its predecessor, the EOS 70D.

In the video area, the 80D is also an upgrade because of its ability to shoot at 1080p and 60fps. The ISO range is expandable to 25,600, which is also decent for a midrange camera that came out in 2016.

Overall, the 80D is more expensive than its predecessor, and there are certainly DSLRs available for cheaper. But its specs make that cost worthwhile, as its capabilities are above many purely entry-level cameras.

This camera won’t make your videos amazing, but it won’t hold you back and get in your way too much either.

What Vlog Camera Does Jenna Marbles Use?

Jenna Marbles also uses a smaller and more compact camera, the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II.

This one is a point-and-shoot model designed with ease of use, likely targeting the beginner content creator audience.

Multiple signs point to this camera being designed with things like vlogging in mind, from the 1080p video quality to the in-body stabilization that isn’t usually as common in a point-and-shoot model like the G7 X Mark II.

The main disadvantage is the lack of an interchangeable lens, though the built-in f/1.8-f/2.8 lens isn’t bad. In fact, the wide maximum aperture is a big help towards using the G7 X Mark II in low-light conditions.

The lack of lens interchangeability simply makes the model less versatile than other Canon cameras, which can easily use a variety of lenses to capture drastically different kinds of shots with one camera body.

The G7 X Mark II also lacks an external microphone jack. It might not be much of a loss, however. It’s safe to say the majority of people using this compact point-and-shoot camera are using minimal external equipment, to begin with.

Because of its accessibility as a point-and-shoot model and its affordable price, the G7 X Mark II is a very common starter or alternate camera in the content creation niche.

What Microphone Does Jenna Marbles Use?

Jenna Marbles uses the Rode VideoMic GO microphone with her Canon EOS 80D. According to Rode, the microphone is suitable for camcorders, point-and-shoot cameras, and entry-level DLSRs.

It’s larger than some of Rode’s compact models but still smaller than some of the full-sized microphones on the market. The size is probably small enough not to be a hindrance when using the microphone in public.

The microphone is a directional mic and picks up more sound from the front while filtering sounds from other directions. 

It also features an integrated shock mount, cutting out added noise from the microphone bumping against the camera itself.

What Tripod Does Jenna Marbles Use?

Jenna Marbles uses the JOBY GorillaPod Focus tripod. The tripod retains the usual feature expected from the GorillaPod line: the ability to bend the three legs into any desired arrangement.

This provides a lot of versatility for getting the type of shot you want, and it’s aided by the camera mount itself, which fits on top of the tripod. The mount has a ball joint, letting the camera on top rotate several different ways.

There are cheaper tripods on the market than the GorillaPod Focus. Still, a clear benefit comes from paying a bit more and getting a lot more versatility than an average rigid tripod can offer.

What Light Does Jenna Marbles Use?

Jenna Marbles uses a Neewer 14-inch LED ring light

The brightness and temperature of the light are adjustable by turning a dial, and it’s possible to get this light in a kit with a stand, tripod head, and other accessories.

The tripod head can mount a DSLR camera or smartphone, saving the user the effort of managing separate tripods for both the camera and the light.


Here are a few other frequently asked questions about Jenna Marbles and her setup.

Does Jenna Marbles Still Stream?

As of now, no. Marbles uploaded her last video in June 2020, and revealed that she would leave YouTube.

Is The Canon EOS 80D Continued?

Canon isn’t making new 80Ds, as they’ve already moved on and replaced the model with the EOS 90D. However, as a camera was released relatively recently in 2016, there are still a lot of second-hand 80Ds available in good condition.


Jenna Marbles uses the midrange Canon EOS 80D as her primary camera, while the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II is a smaller and more compact option for her.

What do you think about the gear on this list? Have you used any of it yourself? Feel free to tell your experience in the comments!

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