What Cameras Does LaurDIY Use?

LaurDIY uses the Canon EOS 70D as her primary DSLR camera but also uses the Canon EOS M6 as a more compact vlogging option. In the past, she’s also used the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II in this role.

I’m Caleb, and I’ve been a photographer for more than four years. My focus has been sports photography, where I’ve learned a great deal about camera setups and what gear will deliver value and performance.

In this article, I’ll review LaurDIY’s camera setup and break down each piece of equipment, from her primary camera to her tripod and stabilizer.

If you’re interested in the gear that goes into her videos, keep reading for the full review.

What Camera Does LaurDIY Use?

LaurDIY’s primary DSLR camera is the Canon EOS 70D, which was released in 2013 and has since become a popular budget or starter option in Canon’s lineup.

The 70D is outdated compared to newer models in Canon’s midrange line, but its features are enough to get someone started in content creation. 

For someone learning the ropes and moving up from a phone camera or a point-and-shoot, the 70D’s 20.2 megapixels and 1080p video capability are good enough to learn with.

Of course, the 70D is limited, even compared to other midrange models from Canon, such as its successor, the 80D.

For example, your frame rate will be limited to 30fps, and the 70D only has 19 autofocus points. Both of these qualities hurt the 70D’s video recording experience but aren’t dealbreakers if your needs in this area aren’t too demanding.

The 70D is pretty cheap for an interchangeable lens DSLR camera, which is why many content creators decide to work with its flaws and use it anyway. In the near future, it will probably remain a standard option for starter cameras.

What Vlogging Camera Does LaurDIY Use?

LaurDIY is one of the many YouTubers to use a more compact mirrorless camera for greater mobility when vlogging. She uses the Canon EOS M6, an interchangeable lens model released by Canon in 2017.

Despite the 2017 release date, the specs of the EOS M6 hold up pretty well in the present day. It has a 24.2-megapixel sensor, can record in 1080p at 60fps, and has an ISO range of up to 25,600.

Basically, even though the M6 isn’t a high-end professional camera per se and was even released for under $1,000 in 2017, you can definitely get professional-looking results from its specs.

Also, as a mirrorless camera, the M6 is naturally smaller than many of its DSLR counterparts. This gives it an advantage for vlogging use, as it’s easier to move around with or to store while traveling.

What Cameras Has LaurDIY Used Before?

LaurDIY has also used the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II in a similar role to the EOS M6. This point-and-shoot camera is popular with content creators owing to its affordable cost and ease of use.

It’s also a compact camera, making it more comparable to mirrorless models like the M6 rather than DSLRs like the EOS 70D. 

Despite being a point-and-shoot camera, it has a good enough set of features to get someone started in video production. It can record 1080p footage, features in-body stabilization, and the screen is adjustable for easier shooting in different positions.

The 20.1-megapixel sensor also isn’t anything to laugh at. This resolution is better than many full-sized interchangeable lens cameras and can provide good image quality.

The G7 X Mark II does have some significant limitations. Notably, those include a fixed lens and the lack of a microphone jack. But if it’s simplicity that you’re looking for, those limits might not be dealbreakers.

What GoPro Does LaurDIY Use?

Like a lot of other YouTubers, LaurDIY also has a GoPro camera. She uses the GoPro HERO6, which isn’t the latest model but can still get high-quality action shots.

The HERO6 has a 12-megapixel resolution and the ability to record 4K video at 60 frames per second. The megapixel count is kind of low compared to what full-sized cameras offer these days, but most buyers will only really care about the video quality.

Additionally, the HERO6 has a different processor chip than its predecessor, the HERO5, giving it a significant performance boost over that model.

The camera is waterproof to 33 feet, so you don’t have to worry about water ruining your shot. Also, you can send footage directly to your phone.

What Tripod Does LaurDIY Use?

LaurDIY uses the Manfrotto PIXI Mini tripod, a cheap option that covers most needs in a simple and easy-to-use way.

The PIXI Mini is a standard three-legged tripod, and you can mount a camera or a smartphone to it. To mount the latter, you’ll need a special smartphone clamp which you can buy separately.

Because of its small size, the PIXI Mini is ideal for vloggers and others who don’t want to carry around a full-sized tripod.

The legs can also fold into a selfie stick, providing a different way to use the tripod.

What Stabilizer Does LaurDIY Use?

LaurDIY’s choice of stabilizer is the Glidecam HD 2000, a more lightweight model than some of the larger and heavier stabilizers on the market.

The HD 2000 is designed for two to six-pound cameras, making it ideal for mirrorless ones like the aforementioned EOS M6.

The model seems to perform well, but beginner buyers should be aware that it isn’t a fully automatic system. 

You have to set the stabilizer up according to your camera’s center of gravity; doing this step wrong will provide worse results.


Here are some other frequently asked questions about LaurDIY and her recording setup.

What Part Of Canada Is LaurDIY From?

LaurDIY is from St. Catharines, Ontario. It’s the sixth-largest metro area in Ontario, and she also attended university in the province.

When Did LaurDIY Move To LA?

LaurDIY moved to Los Angeles full-time in 2016 because of the city’s popularity with other top YouTubers. The choice seems to have paid off, as her channel’s success has only increased since then.


LaurDIY uses the Canon EOS 70D as her DSLR camera and the Canon EOS M6 as her mirrorless one. She’s also used the GoPro HERO6 and the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II in her videos.

Have you used any of these cameras before? Would you rather use a DSLR or mirrorless camera for vlogging? Give us your opinion in the comments.

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