What Camera Does Roman Atwood Use?

Roman Atwood is one of the most successful Youtube vloggers and personalities out there. His videos are top notch, and a lot of that quality and presentation comes from the stellar equipment he uses. His main camera is Canon EOS-1DX Mark II. When not using the above model, he also shoots with the 5D Mark IV.

I’m a writer and camera enthusiast with years of experience shooting with all sorts of different equipment. Those years of knowledge allow me to understand why Roman Atwood chooses the cameras he does, as well as what makes them so special for his specific purpose.

The following sections will go over the different devices he uses when recording to explain the reasons behind each choice and why they may be more useful that similar devices.

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Who is Roman Atwood?

Roman Bernard Atwood started recording videos in high school. Not long after, sometime in 2006, he began to work on commercials before creating his own channel “Sketch Empire” in 2010.

After his initial success, he began two different extremely popular YouTube channels. The first, “RomanAtwoodVlogs” has gained more than 5 billion views and 15 million subscribers. His other channel, “RomanAtwood” is more known for pranks and has over 10 million subscribers. 

What Camera Does Roman Atwood Use?

Any successful blogger uses a range of different cameras. Roman Atwood is no exception. He has a few great models that enable him to shoot in a range of different or unique ways without losing any quality or resolution.

1. Canon EOS-1DX Mark II

Roman’s main camera is the EOS-1DX Mark II from Canon. That’s because it’s a powerful camera that has every strong spec you would ever need. The 4k recording is incredibly bright, and the 61-point autofocus system delivers exceptional coverage and quality.

The camera is an absolute powerhouse, thanks to the strong battery and improved center point focusing sensitivity. It reduces blur and has a surprising amount of durability. Those qualities make it perfect for active vloggers or those who shoot a lot of videos.

Here are the pros and cons of Canon EOS-1DX Mark II.


  • Exceptional autofocus with wide coverage
  • Touchscreen with full tap-to-focus functionality
  • EOS Utility Webcam Beta Software
  • Live View Mode
  • Flicker detection


  • Heavier than similar vlogging models
  • No flip screen
  • High price tag

2. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

When not using the above model, Roman also shoots with the 5D Mark IV. This is another high-end DSLR from Canon that delivers premium quality, and it differs from the Mark II due to how well it shoots in all types of light. It’s great during the day, but also exceptional at night.

That’s largely thanks to the 30.4MP full-frame CMOS sensor, which helps Roman Atwood vlog when lighting isn’t ideal. The smooth shooting and 4k video quality also help bring another dimension to his videos, and the touchscreen interface allows him to easily operate everything. 

Here are the pros and cons of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.


  • Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus
  • Incredibly smooth shooting
  • LCD monitor with full touchscreen interface
  • 4k motion JPEG video
  • Large sensor for excellent low light shooting
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Lacks a flip screen
  • May be a bit bulky for some

Potential Accessories

Remember, when shooting for Youtube you’re going to need more than just a camera. The Mark II and Mark IV are both excellent at shooting, but even the most popular vloggers need extra help to get their professional quality videos.

You need a few key accessories to complete the setup. An adjustable tripod helps with mounting, good lighting gives you perfect contrast, while a powerful microphone ensures your viewers can properly hear you. Get all three before shooting and you’ll see great success.

Is Roman Atwood’s Camera Right for You?

The cameras Roman Atwood uses are exceptional models, but they are also definitely on the high end of the spectrum. Before going all out on a premium DSLR, don’t be afraid to look for more affordable models if you want to test before getting more serious.

Options like the EOS Rebel T7 and the Coolpix B500, while not as professional as the above models, deliver solid specs when you’re just starting out. Just know you aren’t going to quite get the same results as what you see with more serious bloggers.

Final Words

The two cameras in this article are the main ones Roman Atwood breaks out when he needs to record a new hit video or vlog. They may be expensive, but anyone who wants the absolute best recording quality will see it as a worthy investment.

The star may shoot with other models from time to time, especially if he’s doing a special video, but just about everything he records comes from what’s covered above. The quality and his success speak to how well they work.

Do you record videos? Do you use the above cameras or something else? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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