What Camera Does Wolfieraps Use?

YouTuber Wolfieraps uses the Panasonic LUMIX GH5 digital camera and the GoPro HERO5 action camera. He’s also used the smaller point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II.

My name is Caleb, and I’m a seasoned photographer. My experience has taught me a lot about camera setups, as well as what gear is good at different types of tasks. 

In this article, I’ll look into the equipment used by Wolfieraps in recording his videos. I’ll review his primary camera and other gear, such as his microphone and action camera.

If you’re interested in the full details behind Wolfieraps’ setup, keep reading below.

What Camera Does Wolfieraps Use?

Wolfieraps mainly uses the Panasonic LUMIX GH5, a reliable option for both still photography and video.

The specs of the LUMIX GH5 are optimized to handle both duties, as it has a 20.3-megapixel sensor but also 4K video capturing and 5-axis image stabilization.

While a lot of cameras are locked to 30fps when recording in 4K, the LUMIX is capable of doing so at 60fps.

The image stabilization is in-body and designed to work with all lenses, even ones that don’t have image stabilizers of their own. 

While some still photographers will probably find this feature useful, it’s clear that one of Panasonic’s main goals with the stabilization was to make for smoother video.

It’s worth noting that the GH5 uses the Micro Four Thirds lens mount. 

While Panasonic isn’t as prominent in the lens business as a company like Canon or Nikon, there are many third-party options for this lens mount. Companies making lenses for this mount include Sigma, Olympus, and more.

The wide lens selection helps to ensure that the GH5 is a good option for several different photography and videography niches.

What GoPro Does Wolfieraps Use?

Like a lot of other YouTubers, Wolfieraps uses a GoPro action camera. He uses the GoPro HERO5, which isn’t one of GoPro’s newer models at this point but is still plenty capable of getting good footage.

The HERO5 has 4K resolution video, while the still photo resolution is 12 megapixels. 

Like the rest of GoPro’s products, it’s designed with active use in harsh conditions in mind. The HERO5 is waterproof to 33 feet, and the build itself is intended for durability.

It also has video stabilization, which is a necessary feature since a lot of GoPro users need to capture fast-moving shots smoothly.

With that being said, the HERO5 is limited to 30fps when recording 4K. To achieve 60fps, you’ll have to get one of GoPro’s newer models.

What Other Cameras Has Wolfieraps Used?

Woflieraps has also used the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II, one of the most capable point-and-shoot cameras out there.

The G7 X Mark II has many features that aren’t expected of a cheaper point-and-shoot camera, like a 20.1-megapixel sensor and the ability for continuous burst shooting at 8fps.

The model was designed with content creation in mind, thanks to its compact and light design and video-oriented features. Those features include an adjustable screen, 1080p video resolution, and in-body image stabilization.

The lens is fixed but has pretty good specs with an aperture of f/1.8 normally or f/2.8 when zoomed in. 

The G7 X Mark II also lacks support for external microphones. However, if you’re using this camera in the first place, there’s a good chance you don’t want to carry much gear and aren’t using an external mic in the first place.

Because of these features and its affordable price, emerging content creators widely use the G7 X Mark II.

What Microphone Does Wolfieraps Use?

Wolfieraps uses the Rode VideoMic Pro+ shotgun microphone, the highest-end one in the overall VideoMic collection.

It’s the most expensive of the VideoMic line, but that’s understandable since the VideoMic Pro+ is targeted at a more professional audience.

You can use the Pro+ with cameras, camcorders, or external audio recorders. It has an integrated shock mount, ensuring minimal unnecessary noise from things like the microphone bumping into the camera.

It also comes with many features to improve the audio quality, like high pass filtering that cuts out low-frequency sounds such as background traffic. Additionally, it boosts high frequencies to enhance sounds like voices.

Any of Rode’s microphones are capable for use in content creation. But out of all of them, the Pro+is the one that adds the most professional quality to a recording.

Not every videographer needs a mic like this one, but the model is a good choice between novice microphones and the more expensive type used in fully professional productions.

What Tripod Does Wolfieraps Use?

Wolfieraps’ tripod is the cheapest item in his setup. He uses the Manfrotto PIXI Mini tripod, which has a simple design and is intended for use with compact camera systems in specific.

Just because the PIXI Mini is cheap doesn’t mean it’s also low quality. It has a straightforward design with three legs, and these legs can fold into a handgrip for using the tripod like a selfie stick.

If you need to keep your camera steady while vlogging and want a tripod to use as a handgrip also, this one is an easy recommendation.

What Editing Software Does Wolfieraps Use?

Wolfieraps uses Adobe Premiere Pro as his editing software. 

As part of Adobe’s larger family of editing programs, Premiere is available as a subscription. Users can choose to subscribe to Premiere only for a cheaper price or to the entire Adobe suite.

While the subscription makes Premiere pricey as a program, a lot of YouTubers use it because it has the same kind of industry-standard features expected of most Adobe programs. 

Furthermore, it also has a large community where you can find tutorials explaining how to do just about anything with the program.


Here are some of the other frequently asked questions about Wolfieraps’ setup.

Is The Panasonic LUMIX GH5 Good At Still Photography?

Yes. While the LUMUX GH5 was designed with video in mind, its 20.3-megapixel sensor and wide lens selection also make it a capable option for still photography.


The LUMIX GH5 is a micro four-thirds camera. This is a different type of system that works differently from crop-sensor or full-frame DSLRs. These cameras are somewhere between DSLRs and mirrorless cameras in size.


While a lot of YouTubers use cameras from more common brands like Canon or Sony, Wolfieraps uses the Panasonic LUMIX GH5 micro four-thirds camera as a main part of his setup.

What do you think about the choice? Would you consider using a micro four-thirds camera like the GH5? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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