Why Does My GoPro Keep Turning Off

Your GoPro could be turning off because of an SD card, battery, temperature, or firmware issue. Since there are so many potential causes, you’ll need to pinpoint the problem by testing them one by one. 

Hi, my name is Larry. I’ve been using GoPro cameras since 2014 and currently own a HERO4, HERO6, HERO9, and HERO10. I understand the frustration you may feel when your GoPro randomly turns off because I’ve dealt with these issues myself.

In today’s guide, I’ll explain why your GoPro keeps turning off and how you can fix it. 

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How Do I Stop My GoPro from Turning off?

As I mentioned in the introduction, there are a few reasons that cause your GoPro to shut down randomly. For this reason, I’ll explain six different potential solutions that can prevent your GoPro from turning off.

1. GoPro QuikCapture Mode Enabled

QuikCapture is a feature that’s on the majority of GoPro cameras. Although this setting is off by default except for the HERO Session, HERO4 Session, and HERO5 Session, you may have accidentally turned it on.

The QuikCapture setting allows you to power on your GoPro and record by pressing the Shutter button. A short press begins recording video, and a long press enables Time Lapse photos. Another short press stops recording and powers off the camera. 

I recommend checking your GoPro’s settings to see if QuikCapture is enabled. If it’s turned on, disable it unless you plan on using its features. Furthermore, if it’s turned on, it’s likely why your GoPro keeps turning off. 

You can find QuikCapture in your GoPro by navigating to Preferences > General > QuikCapture.

2. Format MicroSD card

The second most common reason why your GoPro turns off is because of an unformatted microSD card. GoPro cameras frequently have SD card issues due to bugs and glitches, so formatting it can solve the issue.

However, formatting your SD card will delete all the files on the card itself. So back up all of the files you want to save on your phone, computer, or the cloud before formatting the SD card.

Once you finish backing up your files, you can format the microSD card directly on the GoPro. Turn on your GoPro and navigate to Preferences > Reset > Format SD Card. Here’s a video that shows you how to do it:

If your GoPro continues turning off randomly after formatting the SD card, move on to the next potential solution.

3. Isolate Battery and MicroSD Card

The next solution is to test if your battery or microSD card is causing your GoPro to keep turning off. So remove the battery from your GoPro. Next, plug the camera into a power source using the USB-C cable. You can either connect your GoPro to a computer or wall outlet.

With the battery removed, try recording a video and seeing if the camera turns off again. If the camera stays on and doesn’t turn off, you likely have a faulty battery. I recommend purchasing a new battery and disposing of the old one.

If your GoPro still turns off while plugged into the power source, try testing a new microSD card. MicroSD cards are inexpensive, and a new one can solve your GoPro turning off issues.

4. Update Your GoPro’s Firmware

Using outdated firmware on your GoPro can also cause your GoPro to keep turning off. GoPro firmware updates typically rectify known issues among its cameras. For this reason, you should update your GoPro to the latest firmware release

You can either update your GoPro automatically using GoPro Quik or manually through GoPro’s website. I recommend using GoPro Quik because the app automatically detects if your firmware is outdated and installs the latest version.

5. Automatic BlueTooth Pairing to Phone

Your GoPro may also be turning off because it automatically connects to the app on your phone, which causes it to shut down. 

Make sure the Wi-Fi setting is disabled on your GoPro if you’re not using it. Turning the Wi-Fi off is also a great way to save battery as it will gradually drain your power as it searches for signals.

6. Extreme Camera Temperatures

Another reason why your GoPro turns off is because of extremely hot and cold temperatures. For example, on the GoPro HERO10 Black, the camera turns off both the front and rear displays once the battery detects temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. 

On the other hand, GoPros will also automatically turn off if the battery is overheated. For this reason, it’s important to keep your GoPro cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather. 

I enjoy filming snowboard videos with my GoPro, so I keep my GoPro in my inside jacket pocket filled with hand warmers until it’s time to film. This ensures that the battery stays warm for longer when it’s exposed to cold weather.

Why Does My GoPro Turn Off When Recording?

This usually means that you’re not using a microSD card that’s approved by GoPro. Instead, check out the official GoPro SD Card List to see what type of microSD card you need to purchase for your GoPro.

Using an approved SD card is a bad idea because the card may be too slow to handle the output data of the camera. In turn, your GoPro will turn off while recording. 

Why Does My GoPro Turn Off When I Stop Recording?

If your GoPro shuts off while recording, you may have enabled QuikCapture mode. Check out solution #1 from above to learn about QuikCapture mode and how to turn it off.

However, if you’re still facing issues with your GoPro randomly turning off, you can perform a soft reset of your device. Simply hold the Mode (power) button down for 10 seconds and allow your GoPro to restart.

All the settings will be returned to their factory defaults, and you may have eliminated any bugs or glitches that were causing your GoPro to turn off.


Let’s discuss a few additional questions I get asked all the time about GoPro turning off issues.

Why won’t my GoPro stay on?

If your GoPro doesn’t stay powered on, you likely have an issue with your battery. Your first step is to remove the battery, wait a few seconds, and reinsert the battery again. The battery may have been inserted improperly, which causes your GoPro to turn off. If this doesn’t work, I recommend testing a new battery to see if your GoPro stays on.

How do I keep my GoPro running?

The best way to keep your GoPro running is by purchasing a few additional batteries as well as an external charger. This way, you can charge your dead batteries while you’re on the go and pop in a new battery whenever necessary.

Why does my GoPro turn on then off?

Your GoPro may be turning on and off because of a loose battery, battery door, or SD card. Make sure all the components in your GoPro are correctly inserted and not loose. You can try removing and reinserting the microSD card and battery. 

Closing Thoughts

I hope you were able to diagnose your GoPro’s issues and find a solution to prevent the camera from turning off. However, if you’re still having issues where your GoPro keeps shutting off, I recommend contacting GoPro support for more help.

But now I want to hear from you: Which solution from today’s guide solved your GoPro shutting down issues? Do you have any more questions about GoPro cameras you’d like me to answer?

Either way, please let me know by sharing a quick comment right below.

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